Saturday, 11 July 2015


Have you ever wondered that in spite of having everything in life a strange feeling of being lonely crept into the mind and makes you feel in a standalone situation with a number of people around you but not even a single individual to stand beside you in all your up’s and downs of life. Have you ever felt that in spite of having so many friends you do not have even a single person to share your thoughts and your feelings with.
Life is just like a race with everybody running for the accomplishment of certain unknown motives. Even the people around you, whom you consider your own, do have certain specific motives to be accomplished from you and you do realize this at some point or the other. When in actual this realization takes place you start feeling really very sad, depressed and lonely. Particularly in case of a woman the things really becomes very difficult.
A woman is indeed the loveliest creation of god who brings love and adds significance to the life of all the people attached to her in some way or the other, but on the other hand she also deserves and needs a lot of care and love from someone very special  in her life but the matter of fact is that most of the woman do not get the deserved love or partner to share their precious feelings and this is the reason that many women feel lonely and this loneliness is no less than an insect which keeps on destroying and eats up all the happiness and joy out of one’s life. This beautiful life could seem like a difficult hill to climb alone and support along with a lot of love is required by every individual on this earth that is how nature has designed human beings.
A Woman plays multiple roles through her lifetime, from a caring daughter to a loving wife and then a responsible mother, a woman spends and dedicates her whole life for the happiness of her family, but meanwhile she neglects herself, people around her make themselves busy in various activities but she is left alone with no one to really care for her and slowly and steadily loneliness hits her and she feels depressed.
Loneliness can have drastic effects on the mental as well as physical health of a woman. The very first outcome of loneliness can be depression which can further lead to severe mental problems and later on a total blunder for her.
The question which arises here is that is it so that a lady has to sacrifice her happiness and freedom for the sake of others? Or is it so that a lady or a woman does not have the right to live her own way? Is it so that she will always have to kill her dreams for the happiness for the happiness of her family?
Loneliness is more a kind of self created problem than rather it is in actual. There is a beautiful saying”Life is Beautiful and the fact is that you have only one life, but if you live right, once is enough” Loneliness could also be defined as the absence of love in one’s life. At times it may happen that you have a big circle of your well wishers around you but not even a single person who really loves you or cares for you.
Women are considered to be more emotional than men are and so it is but obvious that a woman would desperately love to have an emotional intimacy with someone special in her life, but if she does not find it she starts moving towards a direction of social isolation and starts feeling as if she does not deserve love and care. Love indeed has a very intense relation with loneliness, lack of desired love from an individual or a group of people do trigger the feeling of separating one’s identity from this social world and the person starts getting drowned in his/her own set of beliefs and thoughts and this makes the person totally unacceptable by the society.
It is also a proved fact that women feel lonelier than men and this is because woman are more reactive to any kind of emotions as compared to men and so they are more prone towards such kind of emotional outbursts.
As said earlier that loneliness is one of the self created problems and could be solved if you really want it to be solved.  Just remember that you are a woman the best and the most beautiful creation of god on this earth and you deserve each and every happiness you want to have. You should not let your emotions go to the darker side, no matter if you didn’t got the deserved love from the ones you expected, just open your eyes and see, the whole world is yours and it is never too late to start again, Dating online can bring in lots of excitement, love and strength to your life. You never know you might meet the prince of your dreams who will love you more than he loves himself.
Love kills loneliness and this is what you need to do, just love your life and keep the doors of your heart open to let in the man of your dreams, make new friends and let your feelings and emotions get a vent and a way out, share your experiences, thoughts and feelings and do let others share with you.
Give your life a chance and see how your life will present you the love of your life, the one who can do anything to keep this smile everlasting on your face.