Sunday, 8 June 2014

Games v/s Love

“Games v/s Love”
Gamers are considered to be a species with high intellectual and analytical powers who have the ability to take logical decisions at the time of need and this ability is generated after spending hours of playing games, a true gamer has a passion to play and this passion grows with the span of time. Playing games provides an inner sense of satisfaction and a power to control at the press of a button. Games do inculcate a sense of commitment and curiosity to complete a challenge and this involves a person so much into the game that he/she even forgets to think about the love of his/her life. The belonging and the curiosity to play a game make’s a person go mad and he/she just thinks of himself/herself and the satisfaction he/she gets from doing so, but forgets about something which is very important in life and that is spending some great time with, the love of your life who loves you the most and wants some of your precious time and affection.
Games are a great fun but this should not be done at the cost of sacrificing your love. Most of the gamers do cut them off socially and do not even bother about their love which finally results into broken relationships. You should try to make a perfect balance between your passion for playing games and your love life because both of these things are important for a happy life. The best way out is to define your playing time and the time which you have to spend with your love or the best way is to have some romance while playing. The anxiety of playing if mixed with the emotions of romance will produce a killer feeling and you would love to be with your partner playing and enjoying together.
Playing games and loving your love are just like two tyres of your bike in which a perfect balance is required within the two for a smooth ride. You cannot afford to neglect any one just due to the other. In such a situation you should never let your love feel that you love playing games more than him/her, but you know it that playing games is one thing which keeps you going and you cannot live without it. Instead you need to be a bit smart in this and a bit emotional too. Games are necessary for your brain and your love is necessary for your heart, so in order to be fit and fine both of these should be healthy. So having sync in your relationship and your love for playing games is not a very difficult task, give timely importance to both. You have to remember that in a game you have a pause and a restart button but in your real love life you do not have this option, Human emotions do need a human to understand them and you are someone special for someone who is very special to you too, It would be the best thing if you can make your lovable partner understand the craziness you have for playing games and also your madness levels which you have for him/her and remember if you can involve your partner in games you will surely find one of the best competitor to play with. Playing together can uplift your love for each other which will further enhance the love bond between you too and playing games can even turn out to be naughty at times enhancing your love for each other, every time you play.