Sunday, 21 April 2013

“Freaky Frustrations”

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                      “Freaky Frustrations”

A great psychological phenomenon which indeed is the most unwanted bug infecting our life.
Frustration in normal is a common response system of an individual towards a situation in which he faces obstacles, disappointments, failures.So an emotional outburst of feelings which intend to disclose the status of a person’s state of mind due to non achievement of a particular objective in a specified way as it was desired.
We all are facing the friction of frustrations day and every day during our routine activities too. It is a state of mind in which most of us do loose the power to take sensible decisions and face a power which tries to erode our confidence and determination towards attainment of our objectives. Higher the goal more would be the problems and greater the problems will result into bigger frustrations.
In our daily life we do accomplish hundreds of tasks, before starting any task our brain technically prepares a plan to be executed for the attainment of specified goals. But at times there are certain internal and external factors which act as a blockade towards this process. If our levels of energy which the brain had allotted for the completion of the task are not able to break this blockade, we feel helpless and the brain surrenders to the problem by releasing the available allotted energy in the form of stressful verbal, mental and physical actions which further create a continuous flow of negative energies in and out of the body.
So frustration is like friction which is necessary in some cases but creates a lot many problems if the level exceeds a particular level.
The higher is the desire to achieve something higher would be the level of frustration if that objective is not accomplished. Frustration is a feeling which exhibits flavors of anger, tension, stress and resentment at the same time. These feelings do create a negative field in and around us and thus stops all the positive things and thoughts to approach us.
Frustration is a freaky mechanism of the mind when it feels a particular situation out of its control, when the mind admits its incompetency to tackle a particular situation it gives out a S.O.S signal in the form of frustration.
At this moment of time normally it becomes very difficult for a person to overcome the problem on its own and even self motivation is not capable of accomplishing the given task. A bit of external motivation can definitely trigger and boost the confidence of an individual and once this static friction is overcome the dynamic forces of positivity do take the charge and gives us energy to overcome the problem and once it is done frustrations are gone.


  1. Wow, I never really thought about it on that level before, that's really deep.

  2. Hello Saurabh,

    That is quite deep and meaningful! I think the fact that there is so much information overload in the world today that we become stressed out by all of the amounts of data we need to deal with in our professional and even personal lives that it's hard to maintain order and focus on any one specific thing.

    When our minds become scattered and occupied, then we are less effective at blocking out what is just "noise" or less important at a particular point in time versus the main objective we should be focusing on.

    That is a challenge we need to be able to handle better as time goes on because there will be more and more data, more and more technological advances, so the challenge will only become steeper. To handle it, we must improve our focus and clarity on the one task we want to accomplish at a particular moment and be able to utilize exactly what we need in the best way possible to achieve that objective.

    Then, we can move on to the next objective. :-)

    Again, great and informative post!

    Take care,

    Joe Chengery

    1. +joe Chengery
      Yes i agree,surely we all are surrounded by countless tensiona,which create alot of frustration in us and result into an abnormal behavior of an individual.
      Again thank you so much for appreciating,,
      Your appreciation is precious for me
      Thanks for Motivating