Monday, 1 April 2013

"Each One Teach One"

I am writing this article to pay a tribute and my sincere regards to all my teachers who had a great contribution towards developing me as a healthy and a sincere person.
Teaching is generally defined as the act of providing education by the professionals. Education is indeed the most vital thing which is necessary for everyone at every stage of life. It imparts us with an approach to solve all the problems which we face in our day to day life. Teachers do impart us not only with the academic excellence but also the knowledge which helps us to become a good human being.
We all are lucky enough to have the kind blessings of our teachers and whatever we are today is just due to the right path shown by our teachers and mentors.
But unluckily everyone in this world does not get access to schools and colleges to attain their formal eduction.My basic motive behind this post is to request you all and make you realize our duty towards our society and that is to provide and pass on whatever what we have learned so far to all those who need it the most and more importantly they do not have an access to the formal education, It is just due to the lack of education that most of the enemies of mankind and society like poverty,unemployment,Population and crime all rise due to the lack of proper education to many of the people, So at least what can be done from our end is to at least try to educate those who need it the most.
If not much even if we can pass on our leanings to even one needy person, by doing this at least we can add a little bit of ours towards the attainment of an educated society.