Thursday, 30 July 2015

Higher Thoughts

Couple of years ago, when the materialistic things were of not much availability, people were closely knitted to each other and more importance was given to the relations rather than wondering about the materialistic things, but as the time passed, there was a major shift in the thinking pattern of the individuals. The Human race started running the rat race in order to earn more, this need of earning more even came as a blessing or a curse from this modernization concept itself. People started engaging themselves more into virtual world, where mobile phones, computers and gadgets started replacing the members of the family. The situation changed so much that there are chances that a husband and wife living together are so much involved in their jobs and materialistic world that they might see each other only once in a day but it has technically become impossible for a person to live without mobiles, computers even for a second.
This virtualization and materialization has taken away the inner peace of the mind. There was a time when meeting an old friend in personal was considered as one of the happiest moment for a person, but hats off to the technology these days, you can easily meet all your friends over computers and can even chat with them.
I had been a great fan of Nature photography and I used to enjoy it, but the day I started using social platforms, the only thing that came up in my mind was to have a click that I could post on my wall. So every genuine thing has been moving towards virtual world that has more to show and less to represent.
I have just taken into consideration a different view to the concept and the main motive was not to discard the technology, but to highlight the point that we are moving to a quantity based life and have compromised on the quality so much. The strange part of the whole issues is that, we do not have time for our families, but if a far friend has a status update indicating a bad health, we will not miss a chance to like the status or put a comment on the same.
I do agree to the fact that things do change with respect to time and since the passage of time the technology has upgraded and that has made our life simpler and this is appreciable, but my question comes at all the facilities that comes above this point. My post refers to the over involvement of the individuals in the technical frameworks, which has removed the essence of the emotional relations between all of us. Care in today’s world is defined as the process of liking or commenting on a status and that’s it. This is one of the major reasons for the increasing rate of depression among the individuals. The people are getting more obsessed with the materialistic things and the dependency on these things has reached to a maximum limit.
In spite of having about 1000 odd friends on face book, there are moments that when I feel alone and scroll down the list of virtual friends to find someone to share my feelings and emotions, I feel empty handed, so the numbers have increased, but what is the use of these numbers when there is no connection between the hearts and everything that exists in the virtual world is meant to create an impression on others, however no one cares of what impression it puts on an individual.
If I am feeling sad, I can post it in seconds and the same will be available to hundreds of my friends in my list, a few of them will ask why, a couple will give a like to it, whereas I never understood the sense of liking a post in which an individual is showing to be sad. So after all this is done, the main question is has my sadness gone, the answer is no, maybe I will see other happy posts on the wall and that will make me even more depressed, Instead if I had called one of my real friend that was available in physical with me, it would have been the best.
So the centre point of the whole discussion is that no matter how much the technology may advance, but it will never be possible for science and technology to replace the human emotions and no such social networking platform can do with 1000 friends online, what a single friend in actual can do for you.
May be in today’s world we have to consider all these things as the ornaments that have to be carried along, but they should be used only for decorative purposes with their role limited only to a certain extent and things like love, friendship needs a platform that could be built only using an emotional platform that needs no likes, no comments but it requires a simple hug that comes from your friend’s heart explaining and saying that I am and will always be there in your hours of difficulty.

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