Monday, 20 July 2015

Heart Vs Brain- Who is the Boss

Heart and Brain both form most essential part of our body. Heart circulates blood giving life to our body. On the other hand brain gives meaning to all the events and things we see. Heart makes us feel and Brain helps us to understand, than how can we say whether it is important to feel or to understand?
Following the heart is easy for all. Heart does not distinguish between right or wrong. It just creates an altogether a rosy picture or an altogether a horror one depending upon the mood. Heart helps us in finding happiness even in small things. Heart makes us like red color and has those innocent crushes. It is this heart which helps in creating our own dream world, fantasies which seem so real and keeps us always on our toes; irrespective of whatever is going around in reality.
Brain – YES the part whose shape resembles that of walnut holds the place above the heart inside our head. Brain is a storehouse of our memories, and experiences that shape our attitudes and perceptions in general. Perceptions refer to our way of seeing this world; giving meaning to everything that is going around us. Perception forms a large part of our personality. This is the logical region which forms relations of objects with experiences and learning there by guiding our actions. Brain controls our body movements bringing about perfect coordination of our hands, eye movements.
Hearts is very innocent and happy go lucky types. They are just wild creatures who if left uncontrolled will take you on a very dangerous roller coaster ride. At the end of the day you won’t be very happy or satisfied with your doings. Our heart tries to find easy ways to pleasure and generally shrugs away the important matters that are not too pleasing or exciting. It distorts the reality and intoxicates us to the worldly tunes.
Brain on the other hand keeps a check on our heart. Brain disciplines our heart. It is only human mind which distinguishes it from other living beings on this earth. Man by extensively making use of his brains changed and modified it from being an animal into a creature of higher level consciousness. It is through his brain that he created for himself the world, the facilities to make his life interesting and easy. So, according to my opinion mind is definitely the boss.
Boss cannot work without the attention and cooperation of heart. Heart is the hub for our feelings and emotions. Man is not a computer deemed to perform only logical operations. A living being has been bestowed with the power to sense and feel.
There are two types of people, the thinkers and the feelers. Thinkers tend to place their mind first in making decisions. They are logical, rational and unbiased while taking their decisions. These people are often seen as taking responsibilities in the areas of quality control and supervisory nature. The other lot belongs to the feelers. These people have the quality of empathy and take decisions considering its effect on people feelings. Such people are well suited to the role of being an HR or a counselor, where persons are at the receiving end and where their psychological satisfaction is of utmost importance.
According to me heart and brain should both be coordinated as best friends of each other; Rather than allowing one to dominate the other. A person should live through his heart but heart should be well guided by the mind to save one from regret.
Now what happens if we go singly through what our minds them; our mind gives a green flag only to those people and things that match our beliefs?  Heart expands our vision and compassion for others. Heart allows us to accept things the way they are. Mind sometimes is unable to see things that can be easily felt with heart; it may in the form of understanding someone’s sadness or happiness by just looking into their eyes. Whereas mind can raise the question that he is just not like me.
Nowadays the topic of emotional quotient is becoming very popular. Many job interviews and tests have now also added to their list emotional intelligence ability tests. There is one immensely popular show by the name ‘Emotional Atyachar ‘that gets aired on a popular youth channel these days. Well this suggests that the topic which we are discussing right now holds a lot of importance. To live carefully and consciously is the solution which is the need of the hour. Gone are the days when due to emotional attachment of the heart people used to ignore the wrongdoings being done towards them. Mind always wants a reason, an answer for everything. We have now entered an era where people have become more expressive and independent.  Emotions should not become one’s weakness instead should be turned out into one’s strength. One should never be an emotional fool and should make use of his great mind always. Mind has been placed above the heart that is for a reason to get the final orders from it and then to proceed further in your doings. Mind should be put to use to decode the mysteries of the world and to make best use of our capabilities.
There a special touch which only heart can provide to our activities.  Many a times there are things perfectly been made but lack that very special feeling. That is the miracle of doing things with your heart and mind together. It is a fact that mind always asks for a reward of doing great things and if not given its due it does not find any reason of doing it again. It is here where heart becomes the king. Heart derives pleasure from small things. Mere act of indulging in something you love gives you a heartfelt joy and satisfaction to the spirit. It is this very important job of our heart to keep our spirit alive always at all times.
It is very well said that
‘When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece.’

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