Tuesday, 2 April 2013

“The Mask of Our Beliefs”

A belief is considered to be a set of opinions that we feel are right. So our beliefs signifies a lot what we think and what we do. So scientifically beliefs could be defined as a set of patterns which our mind creates for being in our own comfort zone and then follows those patterns in a continuous and a repetitive loop.
So is it right to stick on to our self created beliefs.
Basically these beliefs are mirror images of truth and since these are mirror images so they are exactly opposite to what exactly the truth is. Now my point in saying this thing is that the mind supports our beliefs very strongly and gives us a justification every time we try to break this barrier or try to free ourselves from the set of beliefs which we have created on our own.
Beliefs certainly vary from person to person but the truth always remains the same throughout.
Our personality, risk taking capability and finally our success all depends upon the set of beliefs which we have been following throughout our life.
All of us want to be successful and certainly we have different definitions of success at different phases of our life. But we never realize that the biggest obstacle in the attainment of these success goals is our old and traditional beliefs.
If we are really passionate about our achievements and success we need to realize the fact and the difference between belief and truth. If we are not ready to accept the truth then it is for sure that the success will also not accept us. This correlation between success and beliefs is a very major one. Beliefs are much like an ego onto which we keep on sticking even when we know that whatever we think or believe is not right, the reason for this is the fear of being proved wrong or being defeated. Thus we feel it to be more comfortable to lay firm on our self beliefs and wait for the golden door to be open by itself and if it does not happen we have a very old and the most widely used excuse and that is DESTINY. We love to put the whole of the blame on our destiny or fate.
What I have learned and gained from my experience is that until and unless we don’t trust the truth and until we do not give vent to our outdated beliefs to be replaced by fresh thoughts and new thinking patterns we cannot achieve the desired level of success.
Most of you reading this article will surely not agree to my thoughts….
“You have a strong belief on the same thing and if my thoughts are colliding with yours it will certainly produce negative waves which will stop the new thoughts from entering you”