Thursday, 11 April 2013


Life is a beautiful gift of god to all of us which is indeed a collection of thousands of experiences some of them are great and others are bad. Being human we all expect only the goodies to be the part of life, but this never happen and in some way or the other we have to face tough and adverse situations in our life. Most of these problems which we encounter are due certain mistakes which we do commit intentionally or unintentionally which certainly prolongs the happening of a particular problem but on the other hand the problem gets enough time to plan and attack us in a more severe way.
Now nobody wants to have troubles, so what is the best way to avoid these problems. Can we avoid problems by avoiding mistakes? This could be a solution which theoretically seems feasible but as far as practical implementation is considered avoiding mistakes is next to impossible. So what is the next best possible option to minimize the agony and pain of problems.
A strange opinion of mine suggests making mistakes as the best solution for avoiding problems. Yes it seems strange but this is the most commonly way used by most of the successful people around the globe.
This methodology suggests that as we cannot get rid of committing mistakes, so a better option is to keep on making mistakes and pen down each and every mistake you made in your life which further exposed you to problems. This method will certainly not produce any immediate effects but in a long run will help you to know what mistakes you make and hence it will expose your weakness in front of you. Once you are clear about what exactly was your weakness behind every mistake of yours you can device out a strategy to overcome your weakness and then slowly and gradually overcome and replace those weaknesses with your strengths.
Over the period of time you will surely start feeling your mistakes your weakness, shortcomings and all sort of negative energies being replaced by a very strong positive energy which will put you in to the higher levels of confidence.
Practically your approach towards problems will start changing from”WHY ME to TRY ME”.
So my concept behind the whole thing Is that if we cannot tame our Mistakes, cannot teach them then it is better to acknowledge Mistakes as our teacher, let them teach us a lesson of life at every encounter we have with them.
Remember God is the best programmer and he has created each and every thing logically, so next time you commit a mistake, do not feel frustrated just thank god for giving you an opportunity to learn.