Tuesday, 16 April 2013

“Puzzled Perceptions”

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“Puzzled Perceptions
Perception may be defined as the set of Thoughts assumed to be right by an individual. So perception for an individual is a set of processed information which has been received by us through the various sensory organs.
Our perceptions are strongly based on some set of beliefs which we strongly feel are true.
Our entire decision making, thinking patterns and reaction to various situations depends on our perceptions only. So it would not be wrong to say that our perceptions lay down the foundation for our success.
In most of the problems which we encounter, the outcome is pre decided. If our perceived thoughts are on the positive side, we start solving a given problem with a mindset that, it is not a big deal and I will certainly overcome this problem, on the other hand there are people who say ,this is really going to tough, I am not sure whether I can do it or not.
So in both the above cases there is a slight difference and that is all about our perceived thoughts.
As perception is not a truth but an assumption made on the basis of imaginary outcome of a particular action, so if we say may be I cannot do a particular task then the chances of not succeeding in that task are more, whereas if I say I can do it, in that case half of the problem is solved even before you practically start working.
This thought may seem absurd but it works on some firm principles.
Once we declare that a task is difficult to achieve, indirectly we are making it clear to us and others that I will not be able to succeed because it is tough, so I cannot be blamed for it. So we free ourselves from the expectations of overcoming the problem and certainly if such a pattern of thoughts is created in our mind, our actions would be directed towards the non attainment of the objective so that we could justify our perception, which was that the task is difficult to achieve.
Following similar pattern the fear of failing pulls us back from framing a particular problem as easy, We try to take a safer route of declaring the things impossible to achieve so that we have an excuse to be laid to others and even to ourselves.
Continuously following such an approach makes us addicted and we take every challenge with negativity in mind of not achieving it, hence our perceptions become rock solid.
But this formulation can never take us closer to success, until and unless we do not try to balance our equation of perceptions with the truth.
This puzzle of perceptions is so tricky that it can trap even the wisest person too. The only way out is to accept the truth and modify the perceived thoughts as per the lessons which we learn from our mistakes.
False perceptions should be dumped before they solidify to beliefs, and should be replaced by perceptions which motivate you to overcome problems.
“Success does not look for justifications, but perceptions do”