Sunday, 14 April 2013

"Lonely Roads"

"Beautiful Sunset"

"Dusk To Dawn"

"Sunny Ride"

"Lonely Roads"
Life in itself is one of the greatest gifts of god to us. It is a journey with an uncertain destination. Each one of us is on the way of achievement of this destination. We have a lot of expectations and lot many things to be achieved during this small period which we have.Uncertainty in life do creates a sense of insecurity among most of us and this insecurity creates a sense of urgency among all of us, so I do literally feel everybody around me chasing some unspecified objectives. Even I am one among them who is always running and frankly speaking most of us are running because we see that everybody is doing so.
So life seems to be similar like a racing track where everybody is in a hurry and even I am. But there are times when I just stop and wait for people whom I consider are mine. This wait really seems fruitless because the interconnection of humans today is only limited to materialistic relations.
If we start counting this list of people whom we consider as ours, we will find that there is a never-ending list of our well wishers (includes a couple of thousands from Facebook, Google plus and other social media in existence) we will be proud to see so many people around us, but the things get different in the real world.
With due regards to all my friends and well wishers, I sincerely do feel that life is a race, it seems we all are travelling together but practically it is a race going on in which you as a driver of your life are exclusively responsible for all your actions and your condition.
Every human associated with us other than our parents do have some or the other selfish motive to be attained and once this flow of supports ends from your side, so will the feeling and emotions of the other person will also.
I am not a frustrated person, but I am writing this thing taking into consideration experiences of mine as well as that of every one of us. This is just a feeling everyone has. A feeling of Feeling lonely from deep inside. Now it is up to us whether we accept it as a fact or as a perception of an individual.
Sometimes life seems to be a business, where theory of give and take is taken into consideration.
The attainment of Motives is so much important as an individual that the sense of belonging also seems to be a materialistic impractical feeling to be achieved.
The feelings which my words are exhibiting could not be felt until and unless we are a part of this rat race, this feel can only be felt if we stop for a while and carefully observe people around us.
“Running for life has made me run out of Life”

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