Sunday, 7 April 2013

“Human Beings to Being Humans”

“Human Beings to Being Humans”
Out of thousands of lakhs of species available on earth, the biggest blessings come on Human beings. Logically the most intelligent species on earth. Power to think, act, do, speak, understand and take intelligent decisions makes us the most sophisticated and crucial thing on earth but on the other hand power to destroy and hurt also makes us the cruelest category available on earth.
Mother Nature has provided us with lot many blessings for our healthy survival .Plants, animals, Sea, rivers, Mountains all of these resources do provide us with everything we need without even asking for even a single penny against it.
But on the other hand what bothers me the most is the selfish self centric approach of some of us among us. Even though we are blessed with every need of ours but still our greed and lust for fulfilling our desires makes us the most ill reputed category on earth.
We people kill animals and cut trees just to make our living more comfortable. I know that this view point of mine may seem absurd or useless to most of you, but still I had a strong feel to discuss this thing on this platform.
Is the theory of Survival of fittest such a much vital that it cannot be done without or is it so that we have a feeling of being superior and this feeling gets us going without taking into consideration the value of life of plants or animals.
The selfishness crosses its limit when people even do not worry over killing other human again for some personal benefits, Has the god given us the right to decide the life of others, why is it so that even after having the most developed brains we are not able to use them for some constructive purpose. Even if the brain fails to decide the difference between good and bad, we still have a heart, how can it allow one to opt the path of destruction.
During the past few years we have come across many such incidents when so called terrorists have killed thousands without any reason and when these people are caught they feel proud and happy to do such kind of inhuman activities and relate it as a tribute towards their religion or god.
Now I am totally clueless, how can killing be related to god and religion?
Through this post I do want to put this question that how and why a human can become so merciless and how does his inner conscience allow him to do such kind of cruelty to mankind.
When will the time come, when there would be peace and harmony among all, when we will realize the difference between Human Beings and Being Human..