Wednesday, 27 March 2013

“Self Motivation”

In this modern era of Rat Race, we all are running after success, which indeed will form as a never achievable target as the definition of success keeps on modifying from time to time for everyone of us.
In order to achieve something big in our life, we have to go through a series of difficulties and challenges and overpower them, we meet such kind of challenges every now and then and our biggest tool to overcome these obstacles is our levels of confidence which is directly proportional to the levels of our motivation. Negative feelings, stress leads to mental fatigue which in turn kills our zeal and enthusiasm to achieve a target, but the power of motivation whether done externally or internally can definitely inject loads of energy in an individual resulting into achievement of any task which initially seemed to be an uphill task.
As our body needs a daily diet to perform day to day activities, similarly a mind in order to remain healthy needs regular dosage of motivation which has to be provided to it externally or most important internally often termed as self motivation. Self Motivation can do wonders if taken seriously, it helps you to be focused, determined and most importantly prepared to overcome the challenges encountered in the achievement of your goals.

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