Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Interview-“it’s only exchange of views”

Interview, the name in itself gives a horrible impression in our minds and we start feeling it as the most difficult thing to conquer. The fear of facing an interview overpowers our mind in such a way that it becomes practically impossible for us to really represent ourselves the way we are in an interview.
The biggest mistake which most of the candidates commit is the misrepresentation of one’s personality in front of an interviewer. The point which we never think of is that even the person who is taking the interview has a motive of the interview and that motive is to recruit you.
An interviewer simply asks a few questions to know your views; anything constructed artificially to answer will definitely not represent what exactly you are and hence ultimately result into a rejection.
Our negative thought of being rejected overpowers the real person in us and this certainly gives a fake personality impression into the mind of an interviewer.
The best way out to overcome this fear is to face it in a formally casual way. Be what you are, represent what you are and be honest because the person who is going to interview is definitely an expert in reading your mind by profession and you cannot defeat him with a lie for long. So try the alternative route and believe me honesty is still the best policy. Each of us has one particular strength which defines us different from others, try to associate and pitch the benefit which you can provide to the company with your unique selling strength. This uniqueness of yours defines you and later on will definitely highlight you.
Overcoming the fear of an interview just requires redefining the term interview, so an interview may be defined as a process in which two needy parties an interviewer and a candidate interact with each other to achieve a common objective of filling a vacant position for a business unit. Remember if you are honest and sincere with your efforts then the need of you being selected in an interview is higher than your need to be hired.
So next time you go for an interview, Remember that interviewer is your friend and not your enemy, be honest, be expressive and that’s all you require to crack it.
                                                                      All the Best