Monday, 28 September 2015

"The Awakening"

Life is always uncertain and as such it keeps on developing situations which have the power to confuse humans as far s this life is considered. We all have set goals in our life, some of us keep money as the prime motive, for others relations are very important and for some self satisfaction plays the most important goal of life and people give their level best to attain the goals they have determined to achieve, but during this process of running after the things we have set makes us to really think that is this precious life meant to run after money and other materialistic things.
The biggest problem with this life is that we do not know its validity. We have it today but no one can guarantee that will it be with us for tomorrow or not. This is the biggest truth of life and we cannot deny this fact under any circumstances.
So we need to rethink about the things which we had been doing on for years. We have been sacrificing our happiness just for the sake of earning a bit more. Apart from this we have been working for endless hours, cutting down on our sleeping hours and still working like machine.
Life is a precious gift and the most important thing that we need to have in our life is contentment and happiness and this should be the main goal in whatever we do. Every day of our life should begin with happiness and end on the same node as I feel that we people technically do not have a minute to waste by getting sad when we have so much to live for.
I have seen people fighting over minor issues like property and money, which refers that just for the sake of some materialistic things we are disturbing ourselves and this is the cause of all the sadness that we have in our minds.
We can never certainly say what is life after death, different theories exists worldwide about the same but there is no scientific evidence of what actually happens to a person when he is no more, I have even seen people putting their present life to so much of struggle just to assure that they will live a good life after death. All these things really seem crazy and useless when I see people wasting their precious present for the sake of uncertain tomorrow.
The awakening here refers to the realization of the fact that people around me are among one of the most wonderful creations of god and that it is important for all of us to live with love and mutual co-operation among each other. Human values and mutual respect is very important, whereas having differences over minor issues is never done and neither it is of any use.
Countries across the globe spend about half of their income in just creating systems for their defense and to have a force in case a war exists, whereas I and many of the readers reading this want to ask that what is the use of all this, if we humans are considered as one of the most developed species on earth then why the hell we cannot understand the value of life. Was this the reason that god made us the most intelligent on earth, if this was the sole reason, I do feel that animals are better than us, at least one can know that a dog is loyal and will be loyal for his master.
So the point here is that we need to be mature enough to understand the fact that all the materialistic things will remain here and will be used by someone else and we cannot control that. Things are made to be used whereas people are made to be loved, but opposite of this is happening. People are fighting over minor issues and things that are not even eligible to be fought over, so we need to realize this fact and move on to the higher value of humanity that focuses towards the love and affection that the humans should have among them as it will infuse only the goodness among all of us and will remove the mental barriers that people have in their minds against each other.
The second thing that I have noticed is the creation of boundaries and human is an expert in defining boundaries between nations on a large scale and between our neighbors on a small scale. Humanism is all about supporting each other and living with peace and harmony with each other, this is the reason that human is  considered to be a social animal, but such a behavior this can never be termed as a human behavior(
We as human beings need to understand the same and need to unite as a big large family. The developed nations should look into ways to support the weaker nations and so on every human should make an effort to support each other so that together we can make this life an interesting one.
Human beings need to be humans and as such needs to apply the logical approach towards thinking in the manner I and my readers thought, lets distribute and spread love and believe me the fragrance of love is the sweetest and the best which has the ability to conquer the biggest problems in the world and nothing is bigger than life, so we should start respecting it and enjoy the feel of spreading love and peace as it really has the power to make you feel on the top of this world.
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