Wednesday, 12 August 2015

"Exercise regularly and stay fit"

 Do you remember this word? Or left it there in the school ground? Yes most of us have left it there only. When this word comes we just get so much disturbed that we just want to run away. Well people are becoming conscious about their health these days and so I am writing on this topic.
It is really very important for us to indulge in an exercise routine if we want to live a healthy and long life. Do you remember the days of your PT period and the morning school assembly? So strong we were. We had such a sound sleep. Don’t you miss your that state of mind and body? It was all because of the regular exercise routine we had at that time.
Exercise as per the dictionary means indulging in any physical activity that helps in keeping oneself fit. That should not be so difficult a task to take up. Exercise can be taken up in any form whether running, jogging or physical workout. Remember after a bad day at school you would play videogame back at home and release all your tension and aggression over there. But videogame in return stresses our eyes. Exercise provides a platform for releasing our vent up worries and paves way towards ‘feeling good’ the whole day. There is a stress hormone cortisol which gets burnt away through exercise and while other happy chemicals like dopamine and serotonin are released in the brain during exercise. Exercise also helps to cope up with the negative feelings of pessimism and uncertainty. Body needs flexibility to work at its best in life. The Stressed body results in bad postures and drooping shoulders which form very unimpressive body language. 
‘In a Sound Body lies a Sound Mind.’
Body can only be made sound by following a regular exercise regime.
The benefits of which would be-
Exercise helps to-
-          Improve your balance and co-ordination
-          Tones and tightens your body
-          Increases your capacity, and concentration
-          Restores bones and muscle loss
-          Keeps your heart healthy
-          Stimulates the fat-burning process
-          Improves your lung capacity
-          Burns out your stress hormones, and elevates feel good hormones like endorphins.

Before following any sort of exercise regimen you should be first of all be aware your body type and about the capacity of your body. One should not take up a vigorous regimen as a beginner.  Before taking up an exercise regimen one should undergo a physical test. The physical test includes Pathology test, Diabetic profile, Liver Profile which will first help in diagnosing the problems that already exist in your body. This should not stress you, because keeping yourself abreast of your problems helps in following a more appropriate regimen without giving undue stress upon your body. Do remember not to be too harsh upon your body.
Many people are hitting gym these days but if you can’t afford that no worries. All you need is a good pair of sports shoes, a skipping rope and some of your favorite music and you can begin from where you are. You can start it by going for a Jogging or walk in the morning.  You can even take up skipping. Skipping is the simplest form of exercise that is very much capable of providing you with quick energy and all the effects of a wholesome workout. You can also go for all those exercises which were taught to you during school days. Nowadays much fitness DVD’s have come up that can so very well guide you to put your leg forward. Many bollywood personalities have now come up with their fitness DVD’s like Bipasha Basu, Shilpa Shetty and Lara Dutta. You can follow such fitness DVD’s and can religiously follow their personal exercise regimen. Nowadays internet is the big thing and can guide you on anything you ask for. So you can go for the videos and step by step guides to exercises which have the pictorial representation of all the exercises running by their side.
Well, exercise is not just only about having a special workout session always. If I talk about women first, they have so many household chores of such sort that they can cover their exercises in them also. All the household chores starting from sweeping, kneading dough, washing clothes, cooking involve exercise of some sort. Cooking is regarded as best stress busting activity. Sweeping provides ample amount of movement to your lower back if done with the correct posture. So women should try to do some of the above household chores on a daily basis. While if we see the life of men; they have long working hours and they have to sit all the time. This requires them to move outdoors and take some fresh air into their systems. What they can also do is that they can just take a walk in their office place after certain intervals of time. After coming from office they can just go for a brisk walk or a rigorous jogging to release their entire vent up emotions. It is always demanded from a man to leave all his office tensions in office and to relax in his home and this can be possible only if he indulges himself in some sort of exercise to release his daily vent up of stress hormones and paving way towards the release of feel good hormones. Kids are already physically very active in their schools; nowadays they are more glued to their mobile or tablet screens or to their tuition. This is not a good thing. Parents should encourage their children to move outdoors and indulge in some form of a sport. Parents should themselves also try to play with their kids and make it a daily routine. This will increase your bonding too. Sports should be encouraged at school and college level. Old age also brings with it lot of problems.  These problems can be minimized if we make our bodies and minds strong through regular exercise. The senior citizens should also try to indulge themselves in doing some light physical workout and should not altogether stick to their beds unless it is required.
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Saturday, 8 August 2015

How to stay positive when everything is negative

Thoughts make you or break you. It’s all about the beauty of one’s mind.  It is always a matter of your thought process, that you will see the glass as half empty or half full.
To stay positive one of the most essential thing to do is to first know oneself, love oneself and appreciate oneself. Well you have to live with yourself all the time and you cannot live well by hating yourself. This is a very heart breaking feeling. How will you derive happiness out of life when you can’t derive it first from yourself?  Living a happy life is synonymous to loving yourself and then extending and spreading that love and understanding for others. It is very appropriately quoted – ‘to love your self is the beginning of a lifelong romance.’ When self love is generated, a good spirit comes forth that enhances the beauty of his being.
When everything seems to be negative around you it is this goodness of your spirit that makes you glide easily through such bad times. The condition is that you have to become your best friend first and should develop a deep belief in yourself. A man who understands and loves life and humanity never becomes victim of his circumstances. Self love creates a chain reaction of generation of other positive feelings of belief, compassion, wisdom and true spirit.
One should always be creative in life. To be creative is to add some special effects of yours to every task you do.  This is the eternal fountain of joy. When you express yourself through the tasks you do. It is the joy of doing.  Whether you cook, write, dress up, dance or sing do it the way you like it. This adds lot of optimism and zest to your life.
Optimism is all about being constructive and pessimism is all about being destructive. When you fill you mind with negative thoughts you destroy your peace of mind, your capacity to do things, your inner joy, relationships, health, career and everything.  It would be so stupid of us to waste our potentials in this way by just thinking negatively.
Human being is a very capable living creature on earth. He is a storehouse of capabilities that have no end. Through his these abilities he has reached the stars, the moon and to the core of the earth. Many feats are still left to be achieved; but only if you believe in yourself and god that has created you for a purpose. Once you start believing everything appears beautiful and interesting. All things seem bright and wonderful. Even if life is not going as per your dreams you should be grateful for the fact that you are still alive and have the chance to make your wishes come true. It is often said that everybody is imperfect; but I say everybody is just PERFECT. They have been so appropriately made. Each person is playing a different role which cannot be played by anyone else. All that is required is a positive attitude. Life is a combination of two things good and bad. There is no dominance of just one thing. Light follows dark; night follows day, winter follows summer and the cycle goes on in life. Man has such state of mind that he likes change. So life comprises of different stages and phases to make it deep and interesting for the one who has a positive frame of mind. If you delve deeper and analyze your life in terms of the good and bad times, you will see that bad times made you stronger and good times made your memories. We cannot shun our bad times because they are the stepping stones to the good times. Bad times also have the capacity to develop deep bonds and long lasting friendships. Sometimes we are into an illusion of being the king of world which casts a veil of pride and selfishness over us so bad times tear that veil apart and bring about a human side of us to forth. We realize the importance of our loved ones in our lives and also the value of small joys in our life.
Gold has to pass through the heat to become pure and sun has to burn itself to give light. We should always remember these words whenever we are faced with bad times as they are the testing times to test our patience, positivity, will and faith and once we cross that level we come out as a better person. Bad times come to make us Bitter or better, choice is ours. God has given us the gift of life and earth full of resources but it is entirely our wisdom to use the gift correctly or thoughtlessly.
We don’t value things unless they are about to be taken away from us. Same way good times are valued only after we face bad times. Tasty food is liked only after having quite simple food. The importance of good people is realized only after meeting the Bad ones. So facing the rough times is equally important to move ahead in life. They should not be regarded as bad times; but should be counted as life experiences.
One should try to develop a clear heart and pure soul. This makes way to our union with the divine. One should try to communicate with him and tell him everything just like a best friend. God always acts as our true friend and I can say it because I have experienced it. You just have to surrender yourself to him considering him as your ultimate savior. This is the only secret to leading a blissful life. To be with your creator and to have faith in him is the path towards liberation. We humans have the tendency to regret about our past and to be anxious for our future; it is only through devotion to god can we stay in our present moment. Staying in the present moment is regarded as HAPPINESS. 

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