Sunday, 19 July 2015

"You only live once, but if you live right only once is enough"

Here I sit looking at the dusky sky and pondering over this thought. People say life is short, life is unfair and I try to accept and validate these thoughts but my experience never allow me to say that life is unfair but yes it is just one time chance.
I can see from my window some college kids having fun dancing and shouting in the middle of the road, smoking and doing dangerous stunts. For them, life is too short to categorize things as good or bad.
As I see the nature around me, the green trees, the change of seasons, the rain drops falling, each and every time they seem to be coming like for the first time. Life seems so short to me witnessing this particular moment. Life really doesn’t allow me to stand and stare the nature for long.
Life is just like a game. One has to play it by the rules then only does it seem to be fair. Laws of nature are fair and just for everybody. As you Sow, So shall you reap is the appropriate saying for understanding the right living. Life is a mirror that just reflects to us our own perceptions and doings.
Human birth has been awarded to us just to fulfill this very purpose of righteous and a purposeful living. Human beings have been bestowed upon with the highest qualities of consciousness, logic and power of expression. But if man doesn’t make use of his extended capabilities and just resort to a living that is not meant for him, he will stand out losing his fair chance of life.
I think to learn and to change is what most of us find very difficult to do. Ego and sometimes fear comes in between. To come out of these, everyone must be aware of the fact of our oneness with god and that of his supreme nature. Only by way the realization of this fact can a man generate confidence about his being. But it is very aptly said that – ‘God helps those who help themselves ‘.
Have you ever listened or paid attention to your inner voice? It comes from our very heart. It comes from within to encourage us whenever we are doing a good job and to scold us whenever we are about to do a bad thing. Living right is all about listening to that voice speaking inside us. One has to make conscious efforts to develop that by being more aware about one self. This can be done by being truthful and honest to oneself first. Important is to listen and see more, to understand more rather than to be understood first, and the most important of all is to do than to think more, and to believe and surrender to the higher cause of life. Living for your inner voice, for your spirit is I think is righteous living in true sense. A life in which you share your experiences and yourself with others, you love and contribute to the happiness of the society is the right living.
Playing with your life and indulging in dangerous and harmful acts is not worth it. Giving an excuse of just one life and being careless about your deeds will make you lose your chance of life. The A, B, C of life is simple-
Always Be Careful
Always Be Cheerful
Buddha gave the following eight fold path of life –
1 – Right vision
2- Right Thought
3- Right Speech
4- Right Action
5- Right Livelihood
6- Right Effort
7- Right Mindfulness
8 – Right Concentration
“We are what we think. All that we arise with is our thoughts. With thoughts we make our world.” – Gautama Buddha.
Gautama Buddha propounded love for mankind, personal salvation from sufferings and a middle path approach. Middle path theory exhorts one to tread between two extremes of sensualism and asceticism. He prophesizes man to avoid extremities and have a balanced approach in life.
‘Don’t be too sweet that you won’t be eaten; and don’t be too sour that you will be spat out.’
It is very important for each one of us to realize our full potential. This happens when we surrender our selves physically, mentally and spiritually to all tasks we do. Giving our very best should only be our objective.
Water teaches us many fine virtues of life. Water is unstoppable and unfathomable. Man’s journey of life is akin to water that is unstoppable, ever flowing and ultimately mingling with the ocean. Like water man should also consistently overcome the hurdles of its path and make its way through them.
Life is just one time action with no forward, rewind or pause buttons. You cannot erase anything neither you can rewrite anything. Life is like a huge canvas placed in front of you. You have to be a good painter. Only you have the capability of making your life colorful and fill with all the colours you want. You should be your own best friend and your own best critic. At the end of the day it would be only your own reflection that would be staring at you back. So how you feel about yourself at that time is all that matters.
If you feel you are strong enough then help the weak, if you are young then love the old; if you are wrong then own the fault; if the other is wrong then forgive him. Do not be angry when you are found fault with, nor find fault when you are angry. Than you can too have a faultless life.
One must seek a mission in life and should continuously endeavor to seek the truth of life.
“A life without cause is a life without effect.”
The theory of life in simple words is-
In life you get what you put in.
So get up and realize the fact” You only live once, but if you live right once is enough”