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YOGA- The Way of Life

                                                        YOGA - THE WAY OF LIFE

Your life comprises of everything – a job, best friends, and weekends but where are you lost? Are you enjoying everything that is there in the platter of your life? Are you there living in the moment?  Or are you the one looking out for happiness? Do you think too much? Are you spending sleepless nights? Are you finding your life Boring?
The panacea for all your problems is YOGA.  It is our very own indigenous way of curing all the physical and mental agonies of your life. It is so SIMPLE; Hassle free and Free of Cost that even a Layman can revive his heath by adapting YOGA as his way of life.
The word ‘Yoga ‘has been originated from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means ‘to join’. Hence Yoga is an art that helps in bringing about the union of mind, body and spirit out of which comes the feelings of peace and of oneness with the supreme soul. It is not just like any other form of physical exercise. It is much more an illuminating experience that will touch your soul and awaken your senses to the environment, the beauty around.
Yoga comprises basically of a series of Asanas (physical exercises and breathing exercises) through which conscious effort is made to control and calm the mind and body to achieve the total state of wellbeing. Yoga combines series of activities like– chanting, meditation, Pranayama and the study of philosophy. All u will need is just yoga mat.
Yoga has been a perfect blend of tradition and science and this is the reason that it is one of the modes that has been recommended by the doctors as well as by the Rishi’s and Munis in the traditional India, which is considered to be the nation of origin of this great activity called Yoga. The benefits of Yoga could be further verified with the fact that thousands of foreign tourists visit India, just to learn this activity. It is the impact of this great activity that the people across the world have started following this as a daily routine activity and this has added into a lot of benefit for the people as far as their body and mind is considered.
The whole process of Yoga heals your entire body. The back to back practice of Yoga, meditation and breathing provides ample amount of variety for the practitioners to firmly and enthusiastically practice Yoga daily and in making it a way of life. Asanas increase the absorption of oxygen in the body, leaving you as a more relaxed and peaceful person altogether. The best part of them that they are most effective in reducing the levels of stress hormone cortisol in the body. Asanas are basically different body postures practiced with right breathing and meditation. Various poses direct the flow of blood to different parts of the body helping to balance blood sugar, thyroid gland and thereby balancing hormones. There are various asanas like- Sarvangasana or Shoulder stand, Shirshasana, Hal asana, and Matsya asana which help in releasing anxiety, tension and opens up the heart and muscles increasing the flexibility and strength of the body. Chanting Om puts a very positive effect on our hormonal system as the thyroid gland responds to the vibrations while chanting. The practice of connecting breath with movement and holding postures has number of benefits. It enables Prana, or the energetic life force, to flow freely throughout the body, releasing stress causing hormones, leaving the practioner calmer than ever before. Even I find myself a more pure and grounded person than before after years of continued practice of Yoga.
 What if you belong to the category of those persons who are too lazy and impatient to practice so many Yoga poses? Than I have a fix for that too. The name of the asana is Suryanamaskar or Salutation to the Sun.  It is done in a series of slow and controlled poses, each one lasting for 2 to 3 counts and you just have to inhale and exhale correctly as you move in and out of the poses. The continuous, fluid, repetitive sequence of Surya namaskars becomes meditative and releases built up emotional and physical tension.  I also on some days when I am short of time in the morning I make sure to practice Suryanamaskar as it comprises of nearly all the Yoga poses which can be done together in one go. Suryanamaskar has proved out to be immensely beneficial in reducing weight and bringing about the desired stamina in our very own Bollywood stars. To name a few Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, Lara Dutta, Bipasha Basu have all successfully achieved their desired fitness level all thanks to Yoga.
Nowadays office work is also very demanding.  Bad appraisals, scolding from Boss, achieving targets, meeting the deadline, fulfilling your own dreams and demands, family needs, children and you get a heart attack.  Life is far too beautiful to be bogged down by these pressures. They will be there. I have a technique through which you can combat and overcome them easily. Whenever comes such an occasion that makes you feel that so many thoughts have entered your mind and have taken away your peace of mind practice Shava Asana. It would be best to do it every morning or in the evening as you return your home. You just have to lie down on the floor on your back with your placed paced loosely by your both sides. You just have to relax each every part of your body one by one starting from your and moving down to your feet. Just relax and focus on the sounds around you. Get up slowly and I assure you that there will be smile on your face.
Through this article I really want to declare than remaining Fit and Young forever is no more a dream but a reality that can be achieved if you make Yoga a way of life.

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