Saturday, 18 July 2015

“Dying while fighting is better than fighting with a dead spirit”

Life is a beautiful gift of god and we all are more than lucky to have this beautiful gift with us. We all feel highly motivated and happy, when everything goes fine, but there are situations and instances when things could be worst and this is the time when the positivity starts sinking down and this further makes the situation even more critical.
It is the tough times that really test the firmness and strength of an individual, it is that time when the heart and the brain need to join their powers and fight the adverse situations. But in most of the cases people do lose hope and their heart withdraws its support from the brain. Even though the brain is capable of facing any kind of situation, but it is the fear of losing that demotivates the emotional creature known as heart. Even though brain is a logical being but without the support of the heart it turns out to be blunt and useless, this is the dead point when a person looses hope which further leads to the shutting down of the logical ability of the person and the situation takes control of the person involved which ends with the situation overpowering the human and making the person loose all he has.
Now take the second condition, where you have total faith on your brain and your heart offers full support to the decisions taken by your brain. Even though god has placed the brain at the top bu the still the heart beneath has the super powers to manage this amazing brain.
The best available option in case of such a situation is to let your heart stay strong, no matter what the situation is and this will ultimately let your brain perform to the level best to search out for the best way out of the problem.
Just think that all you see around yourself, including the flying planes, cars, mobile phones, computers are all the creation of brain and were developed as a result of the creativity of a brain and the confidence of a heart on that brain. Facts from the history showed that when these things were thought, people used to laugh at the ones who thought of making such things. If their heart was moved due to the degrading attitude of the people, we would not have been able to enjoy what we are enjoying today, so all this was a result of strong determination and a faith that the heart had on a brain.
No matter we have supercomputers in today’s world that can think million times faster than a normal brain, but we should not forget that the origination of the these supercomputer brains was done by a human brain and no matter what happens they can never beat the logical and emotional interpretation powers we have as humans.
Fighting with a dead spirit, involves the least motivated and a dishearten brain to fight the circumstances and that too with a message given by the heart-“You may not succeed”. So even after having so many powers the brain looses the battle and the ultimate result is that the human being involved looses everything just because the fear of losing was at a high in him, now in the other situation, let us imagine that we are surrounded with difficulties from all the sides and we know that we have only two options, either to give up without fighting, or to stand their with courage and try to give the level best to face the problems.
If we go for the first choice, we have 100 percent chances of losing all we have, but if we go with the second option we have complete chances of winning the battle and come out of the problems. The only thing to do is to trust your brain and let your heart stay positive without worrying about the results, this is the faith that matters and creates a difference between the winner and the looser.
Life is a blend of all the goodies, but it will not remain the same, we will be pushed, punished and sometimes blown away by the problems, but that does not mean that we should blame the almighty for the same, God has given us the power and equipped us with all the weapons required to beat the tough times, but at the end it is we who will have to take the initiative, because this life is very precious and feeling down with just a couple of problems is really a bad deal.
The day we start feeling positive and start believing in ourselves and the super natural powers we have, it will really become impossible for the problems and the negative circumstances to bother us.
Remember-“It’s not the number of punches you hit the problem with, but it is the ability to get hit with number of punches & obstacles and stand again as nothing has happened”.

These are the mantras that will certainly make you think and at times it happens, that a small thought has the power to change our thinking procedure.
I am not a great writer, but yes life has taught me many lessons and i just try to share it with all the lovely people.

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