Thursday, 30 July 2015

Higher Thoughts

Couple of years ago, when the materialistic things were of not much availability, people were closely knitted to each other and more importance was given to the relations rather than wondering about the materialistic things, but as the time passed, there was a major shift in the thinking pattern of the individuals. The Human race started running the rat race in order to earn more, this need of earning more even came as a blessing or a curse from this modernization concept itself. People started engaging themselves more into virtual world, where mobile phones, computers and gadgets started replacing the members of the family. The situation changed so much that there are chances that a husband and wife living together are so much involved in their jobs and materialistic world that they might see each other only once in a day but it has technically become impossible for a person to live without mobiles, computers even for a second.
This virtualization and materialization has taken away the inner peace of the mind. There was a time when meeting an old friend in personal was considered as one of the happiest moment for a person, but hats off to the technology these days, you can easily meet all your friends over computers and can even chat with them.
I had been a great fan of Nature photography and I used to enjoy it, but the day I started using social platforms, the only thing that came up in my mind was to have a click that I could post on my wall. So every genuine thing has been moving towards virtual world that has more to show and less to represent.
I have just taken into consideration a different view to the concept and the main motive was not to discard the technology, but to highlight the point that we are moving to a quantity based life and have compromised on the quality so much. The strange part of the whole issues is that, we do not have time for our families, but if a far friend has a status update indicating a bad health, we will not miss a chance to like the status or put a comment on the same.
I do agree to the fact that things do change with respect to time and since the passage of time the technology has upgraded and that has made our life simpler and this is appreciable, but my question comes at all the facilities that comes above this point. My post refers to the over involvement of the individuals in the technical frameworks, which has removed the essence of the emotional relations between all of us. Care in today’s world is defined as the process of liking or commenting on a status and that’s it. This is one of the major reasons for the increasing rate of depression among the individuals. The people are getting more obsessed with the materialistic things and the dependency on these things has reached to a maximum limit.
In spite of having about 1000 odd friends on face book, there are moments that when I feel alone and scroll down the list of virtual friends to find someone to share my feelings and emotions, I feel empty handed, so the numbers have increased, but what is the use of these numbers when there is no connection between the hearts and everything that exists in the virtual world is meant to create an impression on others, however no one cares of what impression it puts on an individual.
If I am feeling sad, I can post it in seconds and the same will be available to hundreds of my friends in my list, a few of them will ask why, a couple will give a like to it, whereas I never understood the sense of liking a post in which an individual is showing to be sad. So after all this is done, the main question is has my sadness gone, the answer is no, maybe I will see other happy posts on the wall and that will make me even more depressed, Instead if I had called one of my real friend that was available in physical with me, it would have been the best.
So the centre point of the whole discussion is that no matter how much the technology may advance, but it will never be possible for science and technology to replace the human emotions and no such social networking platform can do with 1000 friends online, what a single friend in actual can do for you.
May be in today’s world we have to consider all these things as the ornaments that have to be carried along, but they should be used only for decorative purposes with their role limited only to a certain extent and things like love, friendship needs a platform that could be built only using an emotional platform that needs no likes, no comments but it requires a simple hug that comes from your friend’s heart explaining and saying that I am and will always be there in your hours of difficulty.

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Monday, 20 July 2015

Heart Vs Brain- Who is the Boss

Heart and Brain both form most essential part of our body. Heart circulates blood giving life to our body. On the other hand brain gives meaning to all the events and things we see. Heart makes us feel and Brain helps us to understand, than how can we say whether it is important to feel or to understand?
Following the heart is easy for all. Heart does not distinguish between right or wrong. It just creates an altogether a rosy picture or an altogether a horror one depending upon the mood. Heart helps us in finding happiness even in small things. Heart makes us like red color and has those innocent crushes. It is this heart which helps in creating our own dream world, fantasies which seem so real and keeps us always on our toes; irrespective of whatever is going around in reality.
Brain – YES the part whose shape resembles that of walnut holds the place above the heart inside our head. Brain is a storehouse of our memories, and experiences that shape our attitudes and perceptions in general. Perceptions refer to our way of seeing this world; giving meaning to everything that is going around us. Perception forms a large part of our personality. This is the logical region which forms relations of objects with experiences and learning there by guiding our actions. Brain controls our body movements bringing about perfect coordination of our hands, eye movements.
Hearts is very innocent and happy go lucky types. They are just wild creatures who if left uncontrolled will take you on a very dangerous roller coaster ride. At the end of the day you won’t be very happy or satisfied with your doings. Our heart tries to find easy ways to pleasure and generally shrugs away the important matters that are not too pleasing or exciting. It distorts the reality and intoxicates us to the worldly tunes.
Brain on the other hand keeps a check on our heart. Brain disciplines our heart. It is only human mind which distinguishes it from other living beings on this earth. Man by extensively making use of his brains changed and modified it from being an animal into a creature of higher level consciousness. It is through his brain that he created for himself the world, the facilities to make his life interesting and easy. So, according to my opinion mind is definitely the boss.
Boss cannot work without the attention and cooperation of heart. Heart is the hub for our feelings and emotions. Man is not a computer deemed to perform only logical operations. A living being has been bestowed with the power to sense and feel.
There are two types of people, the thinkers and the feelers. Thinkers tend to place their mind first in making decisions. They are logical, rational and unbiased while taking their decisions. These people are often seen as taking responsibilities in the areas of quality control and supervisory nature. The other lot belongs to the feelers. These people have the quality of empathy and take decisions considering its effect on people feelings. Such people are well suited to the role of being an HR or a counselor, where persons are at the receiving end and where their psychological satisfaction is of utmost importance.
According to me heart and brain should both be coordinated as best friends of each other; Rather than allowing one to dominate the other. A person should live through his heart but heart should be well guided by the mind to save one from regret.
Now what happens if we go singly through what our minds them; our mind gives a green flag only to those people and things that match our beliefs?  Heart expands our vision and compassion for others. Heart allows us to accept things the way they are. Mind sometimes is unable to see things that can be easily felt with heart; it may in the form of understanding someone’s sadness or happiness by just looking into their eyes. Whereas mind can raise the question that he is just not like me.
Nowadays the topic of emotional quotient is becoming very popular. Many job interviews and tests have now also added to their list emotional intelligence ability tests. There is one immensely popular show by the name ‘Emotional Atyachar ‘that gets aired on a popular youth channel these days. Well this suggests that the topic which we are discussing right now holds a lot of importance. To live carefully and consciously is the solution which is the need of the hour. Gone are the days when due to emotional attachment of the heart people used to ignore the wrongdoings being done towards them. Mind always wants a reason, an answer for everything. We have now entered an era where people have become more expressive and independent.  Emotions should not become one’s weakness instead should be turned out into one’s strength. One should never be an emotional fool and should make use of his great mind always. Mind has been placed above the heart that is for a reason to get the final orders from it and then to proceed further in your doings. Mind should be put to use to decode the mysteries of the world and to make best use of our capabilities.
There a special touch which only heart can provide to our activities.  Many a times there are things perfectly been made but lack that very special feeling. That is the miracle of doing things with your heart and mind together. It is a fact that mind always asks for a reward of doing great things and if not given its due it does not find any reason of doing it again. It is here where heart becomes the king. Heart derives pleasure from small things. Mere act of indulging in something you love gives you a heartfelt joy and satisfaction to the spirit. It is this very important job of our heart to keep our spirit alive always at all times.
It is very well said that
‘When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece.’

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Sunday, 19 July 2015

"You only live once, but if you live right only once is enough"

Here I sit looking at the dusky sky and pondering over this thought. People say life is short, life is unfair and I try to accept and validate these thoughts but my experience never allow me to say that life is unfair but yes it is just one time chance.
I can see from my window some college kids having fun dancing and shouting in the middle of the road, smoking and doing dangerous stunts. For them, life is too short to categorize things as good or bad.
As I see the nature around me, the green trees, the change of seasons, the rain drops falling, each and every time they seem to be coming like for the first time. Life seems so short to me witnessing this particular moment. Life really doesn’t allow me to stand and stare the nature for long.
Life is just like a game. One has to play it by the rules then only does it seem to be fair. Laws of nature are fair and just for everybody. As you Sow, So shall you reap is the appropriate saying for understanding the right living. Life is a mirror that just reflects to us our own perceptions and doings.
Human birth has been awarded to us just to fulfill this very purpose of righteous and a purposeful living. Human beings have been bestowed upon with the highest qualities of consciousness, logic and power of expression. But if man doesn’t make use of his extended capabilities and just resort to a living that is not meant for him, he will stand out losing his fair chance of life.
I think to learn and to change is what most of us find very difficult to do. Ego and sometimes fear comes in between. To come out of these, everyone must be aware of the fact of our oneness with god and that of his supreme nature. Only by way the realization of this fact can a man generate confidence about his being. But it is very aptly said that – ‘God helps those who help themselves ‘.
Have you ever listened or paid attention to your inner voice? It comes from our very heart. It comes from within to encourage us whenever we are doing a good job and to scold us whenever we are about to do a bad thing. Living right is all about listening to that voice speaking inside us. One has to make conscious efforts to develop that by being more aware about one self. This can be done by being truthful and honest to oneself first. Important is to listen and see more, to understand more rather than to be understood first, and the most important of all is to do than to think more, and to believe and surrender to the higher cause of life. Living for your inner voice, for your spirit is I think is righteous living in true sense. A life in which you share your experiences and yourself with others, you love and contribute to the happiness of the society is the right living.
Playing with your life and indulging in dangerous and harmful acts is not worth it. Giving an excuse of just one life and being careless about your deeds will make you lose your chance of life. The A, B, C of life is simple-
Always Be Careful
Always Be Cheerful
Buddha gave the following eight fold path of life –
1 – Right vision
2- Right Thought
3- Right Speech
4- Right Action
5- Right Livelihood
6- Right Effort
7- Right Mindfulness
8 – Right Concentration
“We are what we think. All that we arise with is our thoughts. With thoughts we make our world.” – Gautama Buddha.
Gautama Buddha propounded love for mankind, personal salvation from sufferings and a middle path approach. Middle path theory exhorts one to tread between two extremes of sensualism and asceticism. He prophesizes man to avoid extremities and have a balanced approach in life.
‘Don’t be too sweet that you won’t be eaten; and don’t be too sour that you will be spat out.’
It is very important for each one of us to realize our full potential. This happens when we surrender our selves physically, mentally and spiritually to all tasks we do. Giving our very best should only be our objective.
Water teaches us many fine virtues of life. Water is unstoppable and unfathomable. Man’s journey of life is akin to water that is unstoppable, ever flowing and ultimately mingling with the ocean. Like water man should also consistently overcome the hurdles of its path and make its way through them.
Life is just one time action with no forward, rewind or pause buttons. You cannot erase anything neither you can rewrite anything. Life is like a huge canvas placed in front of you. You have to be a good painter. Only you have the capability of making your life colorful and fill with all the colours you want. You should be your own best friend and your own best critic. At the end of the day it would be only your own reflection that would be staring at you back. So how you feel about yourself at that time is all that matters.
If you feel you are strong enough then help the weak, if you are young then love the old; if you are wrong then own the fault; if the other is wrong then forgive him. Do not be angry when you are found fault with, nor find fault when you are angry. Than you can too have a faultless life.
One must seek a mission in life and should continuously endeavor to seek the truth of life.
“A life without cause is a life without effect.”
The theory of life in simple words is-
In life you get what you put in.
So get up and realize the fact” You only live once, but if you live right once is enough”

Saturday, 18 July 2015

“Dying while fighting is better than fighting with a dead spirit”

Life is a beautiful gift of god and we all are more than lucky to have this beautiful gift with us. We all feel highly motivated and happy, when everything goes fine, but there are situations and instances when things could be worst and this is the time when the positivity starts sinking down and this further makes the situation even more critical.
It is the tough times that really test the firmness and strength of an individual, it is that time when the heart and the brain need to join their powers and fight the adverse situations. But in most of the cases people do lose hope and their heart withdraws its support from the brain. Even though the brain is capable of facing any kind of situation, but it is the fear of losing that demotivates the emotional creature known as heart. Even though brain is a logical being but without the support of the heart it turns out to be blunt and useless, this is the dead point when a person looses hope which further leads to the shutting down of the logical ability of the person and the situation takes control of the person involved which ends with the situation overpowering the human and making the person loose all he has.
Now take the second condition, where you have total faith on your brain and your heart offers full support to the decisions taken by your brain. Even though god has placed the brain at the top bu the still the heart beneath has the super powers to manage this amazing brain.
The best available option in case of such a situation is to let your heart stay strong, no matter what the situation is and this will ultimately let your brain perform to the level best to search out for the best way out of the problem.
Just think that all you see around yourself, including the flying planes, cars, mobile phones, computers are all the creation of brain and were developed as a result of the creativity of a brain and the confidence of a heart on that brain. Facts from the history showed that when these things were thought, people used to laugh at the ones who thought of making such things. If their heart was moved due to the degrading attitude of the people, we would not have been able to enjoy what we are enjoying today, so all this was a result of strong determination and a faith that the heart had on a brain.
No matter we have supercomputers in today’s world that can think million times faster than a normal brain, but we should not forget that the origination of the these supercomputer brains was done by a human brain and no matter what happens they can never beat the logical and emotional interpretation powers we have as humans.
Fighting with a dead spirit, involves the least motivated and a dishearten brain to fight the circumstances and that too with a message given by the heart-“You may not succeed”. So even after having so many powers the brain looses the battle and the ultimate result is that the human being involved looses everything just because the fear of losing was at a high in him, now in the other situation, let us imagine that we are surrounded with difficulties from all the sides and we know that we have only two options, either to give up without fighting, or to stand their with courage and try to give the level best to face the problems.
If we go for the first choice, we have 100 percent chances of losing all we have, but if we go with the second option we have complete chances of winning the battle and come out of the problems. The only thing to do is to trust your brain and let your heart stay positive without worrying about the results, this is the faith that matters and creates a difference between the winner and the looser.
Life is a blend of all the goodies, but it will not remain the same, we will be pushed, punished and sometimes blown away by the problems, but that does not mean that we should blame the almighty for the same, God has given us the power and equipped us with all the weapons required to beat the tough times, but at the end it is we who will have to take the initiative, because this life is very precious and feeling down with just a couple of problems is really a bad deal.
The day we start feeling positive and start believing in ourselves and the super natural powers we have, it will really become impossible for the problems and the negative circumstances to bother us.
Remember-“It’s not the number of punches you hit the problem with, but it is the ability to get hit with number of punches & obstacles and stand again as nothing has happened”.

These are the mantras that will certainly make you think and at times it happens, that a small thought has the power to change our thinking procedure.
I am not a great writer, but yes life has taught me many lessons and i just try to share it with all the lovely people.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

YOGA- The Way of Life

                                                        YOGA - THE WAY OF LIFE

Your life comprises of everything – a job, best friends, and weekends but where are you lost? Are you enjoying everything that is there in the platter of your life? Are you there living in the moment?  Or are you the one looking out for happiness? Do you think too much? Are you spending sleepless nights? Are you finding your life Boring?
The panacea for all your problems is YOGA.  It is our very own indigenous way of curing all the physical and mental agonies of your life. It is so SIMPLE; Hassle free and Free of Cost that even a Layman can revive his heath by adapting YOGA as his way of life.
The word ‘Yoga ‘has been originated from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means ‘to join’. Hence Yoga is an art that helps in bringing about the union of mind, body and spirit out of which comes the feelings of peace and of oneness with the supreme soul. It is not just like any other form of physical exercise. It is much more an illuminating experience that will touch your soul and awaken your senses to the environment, the beauty around.
Yoga comprises basically of a series of Asanas (physical exercises and breathing exercises) through which conscious effort is made to control and calm the mind and body to achieve the total state of wellbeing. Yoga combines series of activities like– chanting, meditation, Pranayama and the study of philosophy. All u will need is just yoga mat.
Yoga has been a perfect blend of tradition and science and this is the reason that it is one of the modes that has been recommended by the doctors as well as by the Rishi’s and Munis in the traditional India, which is considered to be the nation of origin of this great activity called Yoga. The benefits of Yoga could be further verified with the fact that thousands of foreign tourists visit India, just to learn this activity. It is the impact of this great activity that the people across the world have started following this as a daily routine activity and this has added into a lot of benefit for the people as far as their body and mind is considered.
The whole process of Yoga heals your entire body. The back to back practice of Yoga, meditation and breathing provides ample amount of variety for the practitioners to firmly and enthusiastically practice Yoga daily and in making it a way of life. Asanas increase the absorption of oxygen in the body, leaving you as a more relaxed and peaceful person altogether. The best part of them that they are most effective in reducing the levels of stress hormone cortisol in the body. Asanas are basically different body postures practiced with right breathing and meditation. Various poses direct the flow of blood to different parts of the body helping to balance blood sugar, thyroid gland and thereby balancing hormones. There are various asanas like- Sarvangasana or Shoulder stand, Shirshasana, Hal asana, and Matsya asana which help in releasing anxiety, tension and opens up the heart and muscles increasing the flexibility and strength of the body. Chanting Om puts a very positive effect on our hormonal system as the thyroid gland responds to the vibrations while chanting. The practice of connecting breath with movement and holding postures has number of benefits. It enables Prana, or the energetic life force, to flow freely throughout the body, releasing stress causing hormones, leaving the practioner calmer than ever before. Even I find myself a more pure and grounded person than before after years of continued practice of Yoga.
 What if you belong to the category of those persons who are too lazy and impatient to practice so many Yoga poses? Than I have a fix for that too. The name of the asana is Suryanamaskar or Salutation to the Sun.  It is done in a series of slow and controlled poses, each one lasting for 2 to 3 counts and you just have to inhale and exhale correctly as you move in and out of the poses. The continuous, fluid, repetitive sequence of Surya namaskars becomes meditative and releases built up emotional and physical tension.  I also on some days when I am short of time in the morning I make sure to practice Suryanamaskar as it comprises of nearly all the Yoga poses which can be done together in one go. Suryanamaskar has proved out to be immensely beneficial in reducing weight and bringing about the desired stamina in our very own Bollywood stars. To name a few Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, Lara Dutta, Bipasha Basu have all successfully achieved their desired fitness level all thanks to Yoga.
Nowadays office work is also very demanding.  Bad appraisals, scolding from Boss, achieving targets, meeting the deadline, fulfilling your own dreams and demands, family needs, children and you get a heart attack.  Life is far too beautiful to be bogged down by these pressures. They will be there. I have a technique through which you can combat and overcome them easily. Whenever comes such an occasion that makes you feel that so many thoughts have entered your mind and have taken away your peace of mind practice Shava Asana. It would be best to do it every morning or in the evening as you return your home. You just have to lie down on the floor on your back with your placed paced loosely by your both sides. You just have to relax each every part of your body one by one starting from your and moving down to your feet. Just relax and focus on the sounds around you. Get up slowly and I assure you that there will be smile on your face.
Through this article I really want to declare than remaining Fit and Young forever is no more a dream but a reality that can be achieved if you make Yoga a way of life.

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