Thursday, 2 May 2013


Life is a challenge and all of us are facing some or the other problems day and every day. These problems do form an integral part of our life and thus the fact is acceptable that no one on this earth can ever get rid of problems.
Taking this into consideration god gifted us brains, which indeed is the most powerful weapon in this world. The brain has the ability to solve any kind of issue technically and practically. Brain follows certain logical steps while coming onto any of the decisions, It first of all lists on the number of possible solutions which can be listed down for a particular problem, the next step is to shortlist the best options available and finally execute the best of the rest options.
But there are situations in which brain as the most intelligent weapon fails to come to a conclusion. Here the biggest strength of brain which is to make logical decisions creates a problem. We all are facing the problems which are mostly related to one or the other emotional relation of an individual with others.
Mind does not take these emotions into consideration so here comes into action the most beautiful gift of god which is our heart.
Heart has the power to take decisions which exactly do not require logical thinking but yes the problems which require understanding the complex nature of human beings.
Heart can do wonders as far as emotional decisions are concerned and it gets this ability from the fact that heart never goes for the selfish decisions and neither it performs the task of calculating the profits earned and the losses made due to a particular decision.
The sense of satisfaction and happiness felt by any of the decisions taken by heart is far much more than any of the decisions we take only on behalf of our brain.
So next time you feel that your brain becomes unresponsive in a situation when it is not in a state to make a decision, trust your heart.
Heart does not have the mechanism to take a good decision but indeed it has the power to take the right decision