Thursday, 4 April 2013

CAN Model-Marketing tool to become a Market king

Marketing is considered to be an activity which involves the process of Segmenting, targeting and finally positioning the offering into the minds of a customer. So in other words we can also define marketing as the psychological tool to study the mind of people and to device out a strategy to enter or place the offering deep inside the minds of the potential customers, so that they find a strong instinct within themselves to buy the offering, now this instinct is to be generated and prompted regularly I order to motivate the sub conscious mind to go for the buying decision. Tools like advertising, promotion are used to motivate this instinct.
So with the above explanation it is clear that marketing is a regular ongoing result which works scientifically on certain principles, which if executed properly will give projected results only if the competitors doesn’t apply it better than you.CAN model is of great use if your offering is of a kind which is not very common and it needs really very hard to position it into the minds of the prospects.
Each and every potential client has a great receptivity to all the products, but there is a security code in his mind which is to be broken by marketers’ efforts. So this clearly indicates that every human is a prospect with a code protection, so breaking the code and expanding the sales are interlinked exponentially.
A salesperson will have to use hundreds of combination of words and offers to break this code every time, but once you open this code successfully, it will take only few combinations of words from the converted prospect to extract the business from other people.
So by selecting a nominator a sales person can derive a lot many prospects from an existing client and this can be achieved only by building a positive rapport with the client.
Once business has been gained by the advisory technique from the client, the next way to extract extra business could be to finally convert the advisor to a nominator to whom you would be rewarding in monetary or non monetary terms for every lead they provide you and finally it gets converted into sales.
So this strategical follow of the sequence of CUSTOMER to ADVISOR to NOMINATOR helps you streamline your marketing activities and since this model is a tested and trusted one, so will definitely help you to achieve your selling targets.
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  1. Hmm interesting, I always look for ways to improve my ways of marketing. This as well goes into my marketing stratgey/ little notebook :)