Sunday, 21 April 2013

“Freaky Frustrations”

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                      “Freaky Frustrations”

A great psychological phenomenon which indeed is the most unwanted bug infecting our life.
Frustration in normal is a common response system of an individual towards a situation in which he faces obstacles, disappointments, failures.So an emotional outburst of feelings which intend to disclose the status of a person’s state of mind due to non achievement of a particular objective in a specified way as it was desired.
We all are facing the friction of frustrations day and every day during our routine activities too. It is a state of mind in which most of us do loose the power to take sensible decisions and face a power which tries to erode our confidence and determination towards attainment of our objectives. Higher the goal more would be the problems and greater the problems will result into bigger frustrations.
In our daily life we do accomplish hundreds of tasks, before starting any task our brain technically prepares a plan to be executed for the attainment of specified goals. But at times there are certain internal and external factors which act as a blockade towards this process. If our levels of energy which the brain had allotted for the completion of the task are not able to break this blockade, we feel helpless and the brain surrenders to the problem by releasing the available allotted energy in the form of stressful verbal, mental and physical actions which further create a continuous flow of negative energies in and out of the body.
So frustration is like friction which is necessary in some cases but creates a lot many problems if the level exceeds a particular level.
The higher is the desire to achieve something higher would be the level of frustration if that objective is not accomplished. Frustration is a feeling which exhibits flavors of anger, tension, stress and resentment at the same time. These feelings do create a negative field in and around us and thus stops all the positive things and thoughts to approach us.
Frustration is a freaky mechanism of the mind when it feels a particular situation out of its control, when the mind admits its incompetency to tackle a particular situation it gives out a S.O.S signal in the form of frustration.
At this moment of time normally it becomes very difficult for a person to overcome the problem on its own and even self motivation is not capable of accomplishing the given task. A bit of external motivation can definitely trigger and boost the confidence of an individual and once this static friction is overcome the dynamic forces of positivity do take the charge and gives us energy to overcome the problem and once it is done frustrations are gone.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

“Puzzled Perceptions”

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“Puzzled Perceptions
Perception may be defined as the set of Thoughts assumed to be right by an individual. So perception for an individual is a set of processed information which has been received by us through the various sensory organs.
Our perceptions are strongly based on some set of beliefs which we strongly feel are true.
Our entire decision making, thinking patterns and reaction to various situations depends on our perceptions only. So it would not be wrong to say that our perceptions lay down the foundation for our success.
In most of the problems which we encounter, the outcome is pre decided. If our perceived thoughts are on the positive side, we start solving a given problem with a mindset that, it is not a big deal and I will certainly overcome this problem, on the other hand there are people who say ,this is really going to tough, I am not sure whether I can do it or not.
So in both the above cases there is a slight difference and that is all about our perceived thoughts.
As perception is not a truth but an assumption made on the basis of imaginary outcome of a particular action, so if we say may be I cannot do a particular task then the chances of not succeeding in that task are more, whereas if I say I can do it, in that case half of the problem is solved even before you practically start working.
This thought may seem absurd but it works on some firm principles.
Once we declare that a task is difficult to achieve, indirectly we are making it clear to us and others that I will not be able to succeed because it is tough, so I cannot be blamed for it. So we free ourselves from the expectations of overcoming the problem and certainly if such a pattern of thoughts is created in our mind, our actions would be directed towards the non attainment of the objective so that we could justify our perception, which was that the task is difficult to achieve.
Following similar pattern the fear of failing pulls us back from framing a particular problem as easy, We try to take a safer route of declaring the things impossible to achieve so that we have an excuse to be laid to others and even to ourselves.
Continuously following such an approach makes us addicted and we take every challenge with negativity in mind of not achieving it, hence our perceptions become rock solid.
But this formulation can never take us closer to success, until and unless we do not try to balance our equation of perceptions with the truth.
This puzzle of perceptions is so tricky that it can trap even the wisest person too. The only way out is to accept the truth and modify the perceived thoughts as per the lessons which we learn from our mistakes.
False perceptions should be dumped before they solidify to beliefs, and should be replaced by perceptions which motivate you to overcome problems.
“Success does not look for justifications, but perceptions do”

Sunday, 14 April 2013

"Lonely Roads"

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"Sunny Ride"

"Lonely Roads"
Life in itself is one of the greatest gifts of god to us. It is a journey with an uncertain destination. Each one of us is on the way of achievement of this destination. We have a lot of expectations and lot many things to be achieved during this small period which we have.Uncertainty in life do creates a sense of insecurity among most of us and this insecurity creates a sense of urgency among all of us, so I do literally feel everybody around me chasing some unspecified objectives. Even I am one among them who is always running and frankly speaking most of us are running because we see that everybody is doing so.
So life seems to be similar like a racing track where everybody is in a hurry and even I am. But there are times when I just stop and wait for people whom I consider are mine. This wait really seems fruitless because the interconnection of humans today is only limited to materialistic relations.
If we start counting this list of people whom we consider as ours, we will find that there is a never-ending list of our well wishers (includes a couple of thousands from Facebook, Google plus and other social media in existence) we will be proud to see so many people around us, but the things get different in the real world.
With due regards to all my friends and well wishers, I sincerely do feel that life is a race, it seems we all are travelling together but practically it is a race going on in which you as a driver of your life are exclusively responsible for all your actions and your condition.
Every human associated with us other than our parents do have some or the other selfish motive to be attained and once this flow of supports ends from your side, so will the feeling and emotions of the other person will also.
I am not a frustrated person, but I am writing this thing taking into consideration experiences of mine as well as that of every one of us. This is just a feeling everyone has. A feeling of Feeling lonely from deep inside. Now it is up to us whether we accept it as a fact or as a perception of an individual.
Sometimes life seems to be a business, where theory of give and take is taken into consideration.
The attainment of Motives is so much important as an individual that the sense of belonging also seems to be a materialistic impractical feeling to be achieved.
The feelings which my words are exhibiting could not be felt until and unless we are a part of this rat race, this feel can only be felt if we stop for a while and carefully observe people around us.
“Running for life has made me run out of Life”

Friday, 12 April 2013

"Flavors of Life"

"Flavors of Life"

The song of life and the music of love goes on as we move along the journey of life. Our life is full of experiences, some good others bad and some sweet others sour. But still the life goes on and on.
If we plot a graph of all these experiences we will find some inconsistent and variable set of lines representing our moods. Our success, level of confidence, motivation all depend upon these experiences which we face in our life.
At times we do think that happiness is the best flavor and we want it to be a part of our life forever. But as said rightly too much of sweetness can also be dangerous and if we start eating only sweet things a day will come when we will start hating sweet things, so my point here is that all types of experiences are necessary in life.Untill and unless we do not experience the bad times how can we value the good times.
God is considered to be the ultimate power in this universe, so cant he fulfill my life with colors of happiness and joy, this is the question which I ask god, whenever  I am in trouble. But over the period of time I realized that God has been very logical behind every situation he puts us in. He is like a father to all of us and he wants us to be self dependent and strong enough to face all these challenges confidence.
As we are humans, so it really becomes difficult for us to put an end to our needs, wants and desires.
Some eat to live and others live to eat, so being contented here has different for both of them.
It is a combination of all these different experiences which makes our life a dynamic story, an expression which leaves impression in our minds and these impressions result into the formulation of memories and memories are forever.
So the real tastes of life lies in enjoying every moment of life and live the moment to the fullest. Even if bad times bother you a lot, let them do and just remember one thing that it is just a temporary phase of life and once it is over the happiness effect would be felt with double intensity.
So each and every experience of life becomes a necessity if we really want to grow by learning from our mistakes.
Our experiences and encounters with the various situations of our life gives us the taste of all these flavors  and once we start enjoying each flavor, This dish of life would really become tasty and yummy.

Thursday, 11 April 2013


Life is a beautiful gift of god to all of us which is indeed a collection of thousands of experiences some of them are great and others are bad. Being human we all expect only the goodies to be the part of life, but this never happen and in some way or the other we have to face tough and adverse situations in our life. Most of these problems which we encounter are due certain mistakes which we do commit intentionally or unintentionally which certainly prolongs the happening of a particular problem but on the other hand the problem gets enough time to plan and attack us in a more severe way.
Now nobody wants to have troubles, so what is the best way to avoid these problems. Can we avoid problems by avoiding mistakes? This could be a solution which theoretically seems feasible but as far as practical implementation is considered avoiding mistakes is next to impossible. So what is the next best possible option to minimize the agony and pain of problems.
A strange opinion of mine suggests making mistakes as the best solution for avoiding problems. Yes it seems strange but this is the most commonly way used by most of the successful people around the globe.
This methodology suggests that as we cannot get rid of committing mistakes, so a better option is to keep on making mistakes and pen down each and every mistake you made in your life which further exposed you to problems. This method will certainly not produce any immediate effects but in a long run will help you to know what mistakes you make and hence it will expose your weakness in front of you. Once you are clear about what exactly was your weakness behind every mistake of yours you can device out a strategy to overcome your weakness and then slowly and gradually overcome and replace those weaknesses with your strengths.
Over the period of time you will surely start feeling your mistakes your weakness, shortcomings and all sort of negative energies being replaced by a very strong positive energy which will put you in to the higher levels of confidence.
Practically your approach towards problems will start changing from”WHY ME to TRY ME”.
So my concept behind the whole thing Is that if we cannot tame our Mistakes, cannot teach them then it is better to acknowledge Mistakes as our teacher, let them teach us a lesson of life at every encounter we have with them.
Remember God is the best programmer and he has created each and every thing logically, so next time you commit a mistake, do not feel frustrated just thank god for giving you an opportunity to learn.