Friday, 29 March 2013

“The Science of Selling”

Selling, a word which creates terror in the minds of many, nightmare for most of the sales people out there. Selling is considered to be one of the most important aspects in all the business concerns around the world. Selling even though is tough for most of the people, but still there are certain things which if taken into consideration can make this activity as the best possible thing to do or perform.
Selling a product, idea or a concept all need a firm dedication and certain rules to be followed before and during the execution of the sales process.
Application of formulas to balance the equation between the salesperson and the client starts even before the first call or meet with the prospective client. First and the very basic formula is never try to sale anything to your prospect. It seems strange but trust me this formula clears the path for achieving a successful closing. Once you make it very clear to the prospect that you are not there to sale anything but just to provide a solution to his need, want or desire .once the equation of your sell able equals to his desire, you achieve the first objective, Now your basic goal is to equate the desire of your potential client equal to his needs, once this equation is achieved, the need generation has been positioned in the mind of the client.
The next step is to win confidence of the client that you are the best and the most reliable person to do so. This heart winning strategy can only be implemented if you are honest with your client. Now to many of you Honesty in sales seems odd, but experience says that –“A lie can bring you only one client, but being honest with your Client will give you a life time client generating machine”
In the later blogs we would be talking about the
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