Friday, 29 March 2013


Laughter has been often termed as a healing medicine and it has been scientifically proven. Human body is definitely one of the most complex creations of nature but mind, the way it works is even more complex.
Today’s lifestyle is no less than a stress chamber in which all of us have to face a lot many troubles Continuous troubles and tendency to face adverse situation stresses our mind and thus deprive it from its natural power of thinking creatively, which slowly and gradually reduces our ability to think positively and hence overall we start losing our focus which reduces our efficiency and effectiveness drastically.
So you see how drastic the effects could be if we do not relieve the excessive pressure which our mind is bearing and here comes Meditation to your rescue. In my sense Humor is also a kind of loud meditation which eludes the body of excessive tension and stress and gives room for fresh and energetic thoughts to creep into the machinery of our minds.
So Humor acts as a two way healing therapy. The direct beneficiary of which is the audience for which the humor has been made and the indirect benefit goes to the person who creates this humor. Healthy humor signals the brain to start with a natural activity of smiling which is further amplified into laughter if the humor has increasing amplitude. So humor acts as the fastest means to trigger a laughter among the audience which scientifically release the stress creating toxins in our body and replaces it with fresh energy boosting chemicals which the triggered laughter produce.
On the other hand the person who acts as a source of humor gets a multiplied effect of the wave which he creates among the audience. Laughter is a transferable human reaction which acts as a compelling force to get induced in you automatically if it is received back from the audience for which it was presented.
So humor definitely acts as a physical exercise of the brain parts and it keeps them lubricated so that they can work perfectly even when the brain machine is overloaded with the production of stress.
So stress is a necessary evil which is for sure to build when we are on work, the effect of which can be minimized but not banned from entering our thinking box, so surely if stress keeps on accumulating in small amounts, the final residual could be a disaster.
As for an efficient working of a computer system, we need to delete the unused files to the recycle bin and refresh it time to time in the same way Healthy Humor is required to remove the unwanted stuff which resides in our mind and slows down our processing.
      “The person reading this article is the most beautiful person on this planet, now please don’t go and look at the mirror, because the person in the mirror will definitely laugh at you”

Now you are definitely going to kill me………………….


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