Thursday, 28 March 2013

“Boost your Confidence”

The term confidence relates into our mind as an activity which certainly brings a lot of success for us, but often we do remain confused with the exact meaning and implementation of this quality in our life.
Confidence acts as a pillar to a building which keeps it constant and still even if the outside weather is not supportive, similarly Confidence is just like concrete which gives strength to our views and automatically gives us out a way of any kind of situation. It could also be defined as the self generated image of an individual performing a particular task which again has three possible shades. One is I cannot do it followed by maybe I can do it and lastly I can and will do it. Whatsoever the task is, its completion depends only upon this preliminary image drawn by our heart. Your brain will certainly follow the pattern shown by your heart. So if I goes the can do or will do way it is termed as high confidence and if it goes the cannot do way it is low confidence. So anytime if you have a desire for anything your level of confidence would be directly proportional to your need to achieve that particular objective.
So a simple way to achieve any target in your life is to increase your level of desire to achieve that objective. Now this desire will automatically trigger your heart to send positive vibes to your brain to follow the will do path. Being Cool, Calm and Composed will definitely help you out to achieve high levels of confidence as it will help you to retain your energy levels and transform that energy into the power of confidence which triggers the feel of achieving the target and once this feel is triggered to the brain, it directly starts controlling the anxiety, nervousness and stress levels and starts boosting up motivational levels.
You are the one to know the best about yourself, so if nobody trusts you at least you can trust yourself.
Most of you must be thinking about the above made discussion as casual one but my friends do believe me success starts entering your life the day you start working on your basics. Confidence is one of the most essential and the most easily available quality in you granted by nature because it is in you right from birth when you walked for the first time, you did it because it was a natural desire, consistent efforts without having the feel of failing, you did it and that is why you achieved it. The real problems started when you started thinking of the failures and what people would think of you if you are not able to finish a particular task. Believe me my friends none of these people care about your success or failures, but just imagine how would you face your inner voice and regret of not doing something which you could have done better than others but you just let it go because you had low levels of confidence as you thought what others would say if I fail.
So you have only two options
“Either let the situation control your confidence
Or let your confidence take charge of the situation”

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