Saturday, 30 March 2013

“Truth-The human inside me”

                                                           “Truth-The human inside me”
The dictionary meaning of Truth suggests something which is in accordance with a fact or reality. But the question here arises what exactly is this fact or what exactly this reality is.
Most of the situations which we face in our daily life do put us in a dilemma that whether to go with the difficult road of truth or to follow the shortcut of lie.
Now most of us have a tendency to follow the second path, but the problem arises post execution. Howsoever Mature a person is, he will certainly have a feel of guilt threatening him deep inside his mind.
By nature we human beings are considered to be the most emotional species on this planet and this sense of being emotional keeps us in sync with the basic human vibes of being ethical and honest to every individual we encounter. Now the problem arises which is the right way shall we follow what our mind says or shall we follow what our heart says. This is a situation which I do face day and everyday and I hope you must be facing the same, now analyze the situation in a way that you have to select one of the two. If you follow the bad side of your mind to go with a lie, you have an option of immediate exit from the situation, but if you follow the path of truth it will not provide you with an immediate solution to the problem. But you would be definitely putting yourself into a problem if you try to escape the situation with a lie. My recommendation in this kind of situation would be to follow what your heart says, because it is rightly said “If you listen to your mind it is an expense, but if you listen to your heart it is an investment”.
It sounds a bit tricky but this is what the truth is, even when we know what is right we try to ignore it intentionally, because being human we try to procrastinate the consequences of speaking the truth and try to overcome the situation temporarily by making a false commitment.
So a better option and a permanent solution out of any kind of problem is to say the truth straightaway, as it will give you an inner sense of satisfaction and an assurance that the problem will not get back to you.
Whenever we are wrong, our heart gives us a signal or a clue to solve a given problem in the most decent way, but it totally depends on us how we react to this particular instinct. The biggest fact of life is that truth never dies and it always remains as it is, it can neither be created nor be destroyed, truth has no adulteration and the fact is truth can never remain hidden for long, it has to come out in front of all, some day or the other. Someone rightly said that truth does not has speed, but it has great levels of endurance and this is what makes it as the strongest weapon to fight against tough situation and this is what makes truth the strongest weapon, that needs to be used only once and it will finish all the problems whereas lie has no feet and it has to be used a couple of times before it eventually gets caught.
So the human inside me always motivates me to write more so that I could give a vent to my thoughts and in the same concern I could stay connected with my readers, this not only helps me to write better and more but enables the power button in me that helps me to stay positive and strong and to share the same with my lovely readers.
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Friday, 29 March 2013

“The Science of Selling”

Selling, a word which creates terror in the minds of many, nightmare for most of the sales people out there. Selling is considered to be one of the most important aspects in all the business concerns around the world. Selling even though is tough for most of the people, but still there are certain things which if taken into consideration can make this activity as the best possible thing to do or perform.
Selling a product, idea or a concept all need a firm dedication and certain rules to be followed before and during the execution of the sales process.
Application of formulas to balance the equation between the salesperson and the client starts even before the first call or meet with the prospective client. First and the very basic formula is never try to sale anything to your prospect. It seems strange but trust me this formula clears the path for achieving a successful closing. Once you make it very clear to the prospect that you are not there to sale anything but just to provide a solution to his need, want or desire .once the equation of your sell able equals to his desire, you achieve the first objective, Now your basic goal is to equate the desire of your potential client equal to his needs, once this equation is achieved, the need generation has been positioned in the mind of the client.
The next step is to win confidence of the client that you are the best and the most reliable person to do so. This heart winning strategy can only be implemented if you are honest with your client. Now to many of you Honesty in sales seems odd, but experience says that –“A lie can bring you only one client, but being honest with your Client will give you a life time client generating machine”
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Laughter has been often termed as a healing medicine and it has been scientifically proven. Human body is definitely one of the most complex creations of nature but mind, the way it works is even more complex.
Today’s lifestyle is no less than a stress chamber in which all of us have to face a lot many troubles Continuous troubles and tendency to face adverse situation stresses our mind and thus deprive it from its natural power of thinking creatively, which slowly and gradually reduces our ability to think positively and hence overall we start losing our focus which reduces our efficiency and effectiveness drastically.
So you see how drastic the effects could be if we do not relieve the excessive pressure which our mind is bearing and here comes Meditation to your rescue. In my sense Humor is also a kind of loud meditation which eludes the body of excessive tension and stress and gives room for fresh and energetic thoughts to creep into the machinery of our minds.
So Humor acts as a two way healing therapy. The direct beneficiary of which is the audience for which the humor has been made and the indirect benefit goes to the person who creates this humor. Healthy humor signals the brain to start with a natural activity of smiling which is further amplified into laughter if the humor has increasing amplitude. So humor acts as the fastest means to trigger a laughter among the audience which scientifically release the stress creating toxins in our body and replaces it with fresh energy boosting chemicals which the triggered laughter produce.
On the other hand the person who acts as a source of humor gets a multiplied effect of the wave which he creates among the audience. Laughter is a transferable human reaction which acts as a compelling force to get induced in you automatically if it is received back from the audience for which it was presented.
So humor definitely acts as a physical exercise of the brain parts and it keeps them lubricated so that they can work perfectly even when the brain machine is overloaded with the production of stress.
So stress is a necessary evil which is for sure to build when we are on work, the effect of which can be minimized but not banned from entering our thinking box, so surely if stress keeps on accumulating in small amounts, the final residual could be a disaster.
As for an efficient working of a computer system, we need to delete the unused files to the recycle bin and refresh it time to time in the same way Healthy Humor is required to remove the unwanted stuff which resides in our mind and slows down our processing.
      “The person reading this article is the most beautiful person on this planet, now please don’t go and look at the mirror, because the person in the mirror will definitely laugh at you”

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Thursday, 28 March 2013

“Boost your Confidence”

The term confidence relates into our mind as an activity which certainly brings a lot of success for us, but often we do remain confused with the exact meaning and implementation of this quality in our life.
Confidence acts as a pillar to a building which keeps it constant and still even if the outside weather is not supportive, similarly Confidence is just like concrete which gives strength to our views and automatically gives us out a way of any kind of situation. It could also be defined as the self generated image of an individual performing a particular task which again has three possible shades. One is I cannot do it followed by maybe I can do it and lastly I can and will do it. Whatsoever the task is, its completion depends only upon this preliminary image drawn by our heart. Your brain will certainly follow the pattern shown by your heart. So if I goes the can do or will do way it is termed as high confidence and if it goes the cannot do way it is low confidence. So anytime if you have a desire for anything your level of confidence would be directly proportional to your need to achieve that particular objective.
So a simple way to achieve any target in your life is to increase your level of desire to achieve that objective. Now this desire will automatically trigger your heart to send positive vibes to your brain to follow the will do path. Being Cool, Calm and Composed will definitely help you out to achieve high levels of confidence as it will help you to retain your energy levels and transform that energy into the power of confidence which triggers the feel of achieving the target and once this feel is triggered to the brain, it directly starts controlling the anxiety, nervousness and stress levels and starts boosting up motivational levels.
You are the one to know the best about yourself, so if nobody trusts you at least you can trust yourself.
Most of you must be thinking about the above made discussion as casual one but my friends do believe me success starts entering your life the day you start working on your basics. Confidence is one of the most essential and the most easily available quality in you granted by nature because it is in you right from birth when you walked for the first time, you did it because it was a natural desire, consistent efforts without having the feel of failing, you did it and that is why you achieved it. The real problems started when you started thinking of the failures and what people would think of you if you are not able to finish a particular task. Believe me my friends none of these people care about your success or failures, but just imagine how would you face your inner voice and regret of not doing something which you could have done better than others but you just let it go because you had low levels of confidence as you thought what others would say if I fail.
So you have only two options
“Either let the situation control your confidence
Or let your confidence take charge of the situation”

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Interview-“it’s only exchange of views”

Interview, the name in itself gives a horrible impression in our minds and we start feeling it as the most difficult thing to conquer. The fear of facing an interview overpowers our mind in such a way that it becomes practically impossible for us to really represent ourselves the way we are in an interview.
The biggest mistake which most of the candidates commit is the misrepresentation of one’s personality in front of an interviewer. The point which we never think of is that even the person who is taking the interview has a motive of the interview and that motive is to recruit you.
An interviewer simply asks a few questions to know your views; anything constructed artificially to answer will definitely not represent what exactly you are and hence ultimately result into a rejection.
Our negative thought of being rejected overpowers the real person in us and this certainly gives a fake personality impression into the mind of an interviewer.
The best way out to overcome this fear is to face it in a formally casual way. Be what you are, represent what you are and be honest because the person who is going to interview is definitely an expert in reading your mind by profession and you cannot defeat him with a lie for long. So try the alternative route and believe me honesty is still the best policy. Each of us has one particular strength which defines us different from others, try to associate and pitch the benefit which you can provide to the company with your unique selling strength. This uniqueness of yours defines you and later on will definitely highlight you.
Overcoming the fear of an interview just requires redefining the term interview, so an interview may be defined as a process in which two needy parties an interviewer and a candidate interact with each other to achieve a common objective of filling a vacant position for a business unit. Remember if you are honest and sincere with your efforts then the need of you being selected in an interview is higher than your need to be hired.
So next time you go for an interview, Remember that interviewer is your friend and not your enemy, be honest, be expressive and that’s all you require to crack it.
                                                                      All the Best